大学受験英熟語( 全 1168 ) 仮定法、不定詞、受動態、関係詞、主要文型、 比較、分詞構文、動名詞の用法、命令法、前置詞などの 文法や語法を交えた熟語をクイズにしてまとめました。 暗記でしか覚えられない熟語や文法どおりに覚えると、覚えやすい 熟語などさまざまな視点での熟語が掲載されています。
No.1168 形容詞, S + V ...の意味は?
No.1167 S, 形容詞句, V ...の意味は?
No.1166 S, Vp.p., V ...の意味は?
No.1165 You're right.の意味は?
No.1164 You might want [like] to Vb.の意味は?
No.1163 You can say that again.の意味は?
No.1162 yield to ...の意味は?
No.1161 yet another ...の意味は?
No.1160 write ... downの意味は?
No.1159 Would you mind Ving?の意味は?
No.1158 Would you like to Vb?の意味は?
No.1157 would rather (that) ~の意味は?
No.1156 would rather V1 (than V2)の意味は?
No.1155 would love to Vbの意味は?
No.1154 would like to Vbの意味は?
No.1153 would like ... to Vbの意味は?
No.1152 Would it be all right if ~ ?の意味は?
No.1151 work lateの意味は?
No.1150 work for ...の意味は?
No.1149 work ... outの意味は?
No.1148 without (a) traceの意味は?
No.1147 within ... distanceの意味は?
No.1146 withhold A from Bの意味は?
No.1145 with/in regard to ...の意味は?
No.1144 with easeの意味は?
No.1143 (with) all things consideredの意味は?
No.1142 with a view to Vingの意味は?
No.1141 with ... 前置詞句の意味は?
No.1140 with ... 形容詞句の意味は?
No.1139 with ... Vingの意味は?
No.1138 wish to Vbの意味は?
No.1137 wipe ... offの意味は?
No.1136 ... will make a ~の意味は?
No.1135 ... will do.の意味は?
No.1134 Why not?の意味は?
No.1133 Why not Vb?の意味は?
No.1132 Why is it that ~ ?の意味は?
No.1131 Why don't you Vb?の意味は?
No.1130 Why don't we Vb?の意味は?
No.1129 Who's calling, please?の意味は?
No.1128 while Vingの意味は?
No.1127 whether or not ~の意味は?
No.1126 whether ~ or …の意味は?
No.1125 when Vingの意味は?
No.1124 when it comes to ...の意味は?
No.1123 What about ...?の意味は?
No.1122 What's wrong (with ...) ?の意味は?
No.1121 What's the matter?の意味は?
No.1120 what's moreの意味は?
No.1119 What's keeping you?の意味は?
No.1118 what with A and Bの意味は?
No.1117 What was the outcome of ...?の意味は?
No.1116 what they/we call ...の意味は?
No.1115 what A call Bの意味は?
No.1114 What on earth ... ?の意味は?
No.1113 What is S like?の意味は?
No.1112 What if ~ ?の意味は?
No.1111 What has become of ...?の意味は?
No.1110 What do you think of ...?の意味は?
No.1109 What do you say (to ...)?の意味は?
No.1108 what (little) ... S Vの意味は?
No.1107 wear the pantsの意味は?
No.1106 We/They/You all ...の意味は?
No.1105 way of Vingの意味は?
No.1104 watch out (for ...)の意味は?
No.1103 want ... Vp.p.の意味は?
No.1102 want ... to Vbの意味は?
No.1101 wake upの意味は?
No.1100 wait one's turnの意味は?
No.1099 wait for ... to Vbの意味は?
No.1098 wait for ...の意味は?
No.1097 vote for/against ...の意味は?
No.1096 view A as Bの意味は?
No.1095 used to Vbの意味は?
No.1094 urge ... to Vbの意味は?
No.1093 up to ...の意味は?
No.1092 under/in ...circumstancesの意味は?
No.1091 under repair/constructionの意味は?
No.1090 type of ...の意味は?
No.1089 turn upの意味は?
No.1088 turn to A for Bの意味は?
No.1087 turn out to be ...の意味は?
No.1086 turn out ...の意味は?
No.1085 turn aroundの意味は?
No.1084 turn ... onの意味は?
No.1083 turn ... offの意味は?
No.1082 turn ... downの意味は?
No.1081 try Vingの意味は?
No.1080 try ... onの意味は?
No.1079 treat A as Bの意味は?
No.1078 translate A into Bの意味は?
No.1077 too ... to Vbの意味は?
No.1076 to deathの意味は?
No.1075 to the north/south/east/west of ...の意味は?
No.1074 to tell (you) the truthの意味は?
No.1073 to some extentの意味は?
No.1072 to say the leastの意味は?
No.1071 to say nothing of ...の意味は?
No.1070 to put it bluntly/briefly, etc.の意味は?
No.1069 to one's reliefの意味は?
No.1068 to one's heart's contentの意味は?
No.1067 to make matters worseの意味は?
No.1066 to begin withの意味は?
No.1065 to be honestの意味は?
No.1064 to and from ...の意味は?
No.1063 threaten to Vbの意味は?
No.1062 This/That is why ~ .の意味は?
No.1061 This/That is how ~ .の意味は?
No.1060 this timeの意味は?
No.1059 This is where ~ .の意味は?
No.1058 This is the 序数 + 名詞 that ~ .の意味は?
No.1057 This is ...(電話)の意味は?
No.1056 think of A as Bの意味は?
No.1055 think nothing of ...の意味は?
No.1054 think ... overの意味は?
No.1053 these daysの意味は?
No.1052 There V S.の意味は?
No.1051 There ... go(es) again.の意味は?
No.1050 There is still a long way to go before ~...
No.1049 There is no Ving.の意味は?
No.1048 There is no use Ving.の意味は?
No.1047 There is no hurry.の意味は?
No.1046 The 比較級, the 比較級の意味は?
No.1045 the 比較級 of the twoの意味は?
No.1044 the + 国名形容詞の意味は?
No.1043 the + 川の名前の意味は?
No.1042 the week before lastの意味は?
No.1041 The trouble is that ~ .の意味は?
No.1040 The thing is, ~ .の意味は?
No.1039 the same A as Bの意味は?
No.1038 the rest (of ...)の意味は?
No.1037 The reason (why) ~ is because ….の...
No.1036 the poor/rich/sick, etc.の意味は?
No.1035 the othersの意味は?
No.1034 the other dayの意味は?
No.1033 the number of ...の意味は?
No.1032 the night before ...の意味は?
No.1031 the moment (that) ~の意味は?
No.1030 The last thing ... want to do is (to) Vb...
No.1029 the last (...) to Vb.の意味は?
No.1028 the instant (that) ~の意味は?
No.1027 The fact is that ~ .の意味は?
No.1026 the day before yesterdayの意味は?
No.1025 That's too bad.の意味は?
No.1024 That's correct.の意味は?
No.1023 that of ...の意味は?
No.1022 that is to sayの意味は?
No.1021 that isの意味は?
No.1020 That depends.の意味は?
No.1019 thanks to ...の意味は?
No.1018 thank A for Bの意味は?
No.1017 tend to Vbの意味は?
No.1016 tell ... to Vbの意味は?
No.1015 tell A from Bの意味は?
No.1014 talk A out of Bの意味は?
No.1013 talk A into Bの意味は?
No.1012 take the trouble to Vbの意味は?
No.1011 take responsibility for ...の意味は?
No.1010 take pride in ...の意味は?
No.1009 take placeの意味は?
No.1008 take part in ...の意味は?
No.1007 take (great) pains to Vbの意味は?
No.1006 take over (...)の意味は?
No.1005 take one's timeの意味は?
No.1004 take offの意味は?
No.1003 take care of ...の意味は?
No.1002 take after ...の意味は?
No.1001 take advantage of ...の意味は?
No.1000 Take a seat.の意味は?
No.999 take ...'s placeの意味は?
No.998 take ... with 人の意味は?
No.997 take ... offの意味は?
No.996 take ... into accountの意味は?
No.995 take ... inの意味は?
No.994 take ... for grantedの意味は?
No.993 take A as Bの意味は?
No.992 take ... apartの意味は?
No.991 take (one's) revenge on ...の意味は?
No.990 switch ... onの意味は?
No.989 Sure.の意味は?
No.988 ~ sum(s) of ...の意味は?
No.987 suffer from ...の意味は?
No.986 such as ...の意味は?
No.985 such ... (that) ~の意味は?
No.984 strive to Vbの意味は?
No.983 strike A as Bの意味は?
No.982 stop Vingの意味は?
No.981 stop to Vbの意味は?
No.980 stop ... from Vingの意味は?
No.979 starting ...の意味は?
No.978 start to Vbの意味は?
No.977 stare at ...の意味は?
No.976 stand outの意味は?
No.975 stand for ...の意味は?
No.974 stand by ...の意味は?
No.973 spend ... Vingの意味は?
No.972 spend A on Bの意味は?
No.971 speaking/talking of ...の意味は?
No.970 sort of ...の意味は?
No.969 sooner or laterの意味は?
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